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A:  Spokane, Washington

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I'm Kendra Arellanes.

I get asked a lot "how did you get started?"

Honestly, it started with hours of Netflix + doodling. I loved it so much that I decided to share my designs on Instagram (thank you, social media!). Once I had built up a good portfolio, I decided to promote myself a bit. I ended up talking with an editor from Apple Brides who took a chance on a beginner calligrapher. That styled shoot let to many more! I was published in the Apple Brides blog + magazine and also in Rocky Mountain Bride's magazine. I went to countless wedding open houses and connected with so many Spokane wedding vendors. It's true that networking is everything! I guess the rest is history!

A little about me: I live in Spokane with my cat Emma. My day job is marketing, which has helped me a lot in this business! I love interacting with people (definitely an extrovert), I will find any excuse to set up coffee dates + attend events that require me to dress up. I have a BA in Teaching English as a Second Language, something I want to take with me overseas someday. Having spent most of my life in Mexico, I have a love for Latino Culture. And, yes, I do speak Spanish fluently!

I can't wait to work with you; whether it is creating your dream invitations + adding flourish to your wedding signage or chatting about calligraphy workshops!


xoxo, Kendra